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URBANISATION – 2016 Conference presentations:

Opening Keynote “ Changing Times by Andrew Wilson” click here

“Can gardens teach respect and foster symbiosis by Thomas Doxiadis” click here

“Wellbeing by design: From gardens to green infrastructure by Mike Wesley” click here

“Asabiyya society and the fundamental role of the landscape in future sustainable communities by Noel Farrer” click here

ENVIRONMENT – 2016 Conference presentations

“Which nature and how and where do we put it by professor James Hitchmough” click here

“Is it really Urban bad, Rural good by John Wyer” click here

“How do we protect….young people by Guy Watts” click here

“European Landscape Convention – Serbia experience by Biljana Filipovich” click here

HISTORY – 2016 Conference presentations

“From Parkland to Public Park by James Bolton” click here

“The Big Tree Debate by Brita von Schoenaich” click here

“Revealing Landscape Change by Dr Catherine Heatherington” click here

INDUSTRY – 2016 Conference presentations

“The Queen Elizabeth Plympic Park. A park for the 21st century by Dr Philip Askew” click here

“Building ethical….. ground up by Mark Gregory” click here

“The ethics of Tree supply by Keith Sacre” click here

“Topsoil By Andy Spetch” click here